Painting ideas for exterior house painting

Painting ideas for exterior house painting

Exterior Painting might seem like a simple job that anyone can handle, but there’s undoubtedly more to it. A smart exterior home color can have a dominant effect on the vibe of your house. House painting can be a time-consuming chore requiring specific equipment to ensure it is appropriately completed with a professional finish. 

A home is a reflection of the environmental or the period in which it was built.In contrast to your interior walls, painting the outside of your home is expensive, and the objective is only to do it once, so it is recommended to choose your colors wisely.  Whether you want to highlight your home’s architectural details or bring some vibrancy to your neighborhood, there are numerous reasons to elevate your curb appeal.

Here’s a list of tips and ideas to consider while you think of painting the exteriors of the house:

  1. Exterior Painting equals Special Care  
    Beautiful things require special care and more attention, just like your house. The artifacts on your counter table may go unseen, but the paint on your home’s exterior won’t be overlooked. Not many people put the effort into deciding their house’s exterior color. This could be because they may get caught up in other activities or would not consider it an essential aspect while building, renovating, or even thinking about the change of their house’s exterior paint.
  2. Don’t choose a paint that affects the interior temperature of your house
    As humans, we dress according to the weather we are surrounded in; imagine a hot sunny day. Instead of wearing the usual dark-colored clothes, you may probably shift towards lighter shades of clothes. Similarly, this can be applied to your house. Choose a color according to the weather that dominates your region.
  3. Pressure Washing is vital
    While painting your home’s exterior elements, you will want to pressure wash and save yourself a headache later on. This does seem like an avoidable step, but if you ever come across the labels on the paint cans, sealant tubes, or bottles of stain, they all advise you that a clean surface is necessary before applying it.
  4. Choose the right color Palettes
    Colors can be tricky to pick since there are many shades available now a day. You no longer choose between the primary and secondary standard colors; every color has at least over ten different shades to them; the choice is limitless. So choose wisely.
  5. Practice Good Maintenance You can extend the life of a good exterior paint job by:
    • Inspecting the caulk every year and replacing any that’s cracked or missing.
    • Getting rid of the mold or mildew.
    • Washing away stains from nesting birds and pollen.
    • Touching up blisters and peels before they spread.

We hope the above tips and ideas help you gain a perspective as to where and what to consider while you’re on a mission to paint your house. Our experienced painters understand the significance of painting in appropriate conditions to protect the paint and to make sure it adheres suitably. You do not have to doubt or worry about re-applying the color to your house for years when the process is complete the first time correctly. We assure that our exterior painting services are cost-effective, environment-friendly, and top-grade quality. What are you waiting for? Contact Alphex Painting now on  210-371-8615 to get a free estimate to paint your home.

Get the perfect exterior painting ideas for your house, choose the right exterior paint, and make your home the talk of the neighborhood- in a positive way!