Home Painting Ideas- Choosing Home Paint Colors

Home Painting Ideas- Choosing Home Paint Colors

The simplest way to decide upon the best interior paint colors is to choose the colors you love. When you select the colors you love, the primary color schemes do not bound you to a particular style. Using your favorite color as a base color, you may create a color scheme revolving around it. 

Outlined are some tips and ideas to help you decide colors for your home:

  1. Tip-1: Find Paint Color Inspiration
    Always find inspiration first, to begin anything new. Magazines and catalogs have forever been a staple of inspiration. You have access to thousands of pages for inspiration on the internet. Social media sites, namely Pinterest and Instagram, offer different color inspiration that is refreshing in real-time. Pinterest is one of the excellent sites to create inspiration boards and pin down your favorite ideas so that you can keep all your images and ideas in one spot.
  2. Tip-2: Get Creative with Neutral Paint Colors
    You may choose a neutral paint color and that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be boring. You can spice up your neutral color palette by being creative with how the colors are used. For example, a striped wall with neutral colors on it adds tons of style but still keeps the room looking relaxed.
  3. Tip- 3: Pull Your Paint Color from a Print
    Sometimes the ideas are right in front of you, that you overlook.The easiest way to choose an interior paint color is to start with a print fabric. Pillows, beddings, and even table cloths help you with different paint color ideas. If you are creating an accent wall, look at the boldest of colors in print. If you would like to choose a paint color that is more subtle, or for a larger space, look at the color in the small details of your print fabric.
  4. Tip-4: Try a Lighter or Darker Shade
    Most times, all you’ll need is a tiny adjustment to find the right interior paint color. Before you decide to abandon your paint color choices too quickly, think of a lighter or darker shade of the same color. Most paint colors appear on a paint strip in regular shades, but you can also ask your paint company to customize it by percentages of light or dark shades.
  5. Tip-5: Sample Your Paint Colors Before Committing
    This is a basic rule that should never be ignored. Always sample any paint color you’re considering. When you commit to gallons of paint and time to your project, you have to get the color right the first time. Be sure to analyze precisely how much paint you’ll need, as well, so that you minimize waste. 

Although there are many ways and modern techniques that help you choose your desired paint colors, the above are a few essential tips to consider while you go-ahead with your home painting project. Our skilled painting experts at Alphex Painting offer services to assist you throughout the entire process so that you wouldn’t have to be stressed how and when the work will be done.

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Get inspired by our home painting ideas for your home, build your dream home with the perfect interior color paints.