Remodeling a bathroom takes time, energy, and communication. Whether you’re planning to remodel a master bathroom or a small one, it’s vital to assemble specifics about how the end result will look like.. The first thing any homeowner in San Antonio looking to purchase a home will look at is the bathrooms to see if they are modernor old-fashioned and whether theyneed a revamp. It doesn’t matter if you plan on moving shortly or not; a renovated bathroom can significantly perk up the value of your home and appearance. At Alphex Painting, we consider all of your requirements and modernize your bathroom, which will improve the functionality, look, and comfort of your bathroom. 

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With over 15 years of experience, we look at your bathroom and take note of your needs to establish the exact kind of bathroom overhaul that fits for you. With the assistance of our professional team, homeowners can finally make their bathrooms feel right! Depending on yourbudget and timelines, our insured and licensed bathroom remodeling San Antonio-based Company can undertake a full-remodel or give your bathroom a fresh look by prefacing some existing cabinets. Anything you choose, we ensure in the end, we deliver an elegant and beautiful bathroom which reflects your style. 

We can help you appraise the following in terms of appearance, utility, and value:-
  • Restroom selection that includes sink shape and water-efficiency
  • Spigot and finish varieties, like single or double-handled designs, and motion-sensor spigots
  • Vanity preferences include single or dual podium and cabinet sink with fitted storage space within or beneath countertops
  • Extra storage space
  • Flooring treatment plans
  • Accessories namely stone, porcelain, ceramics, and special hardware
  • Technology additions, like the insertion of televisions for added comfort

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You don’t have to continue to live with an obsolete bathroom anymore! Let our bonded and knowledgeable remodelers take care of your project for you. Contact us today on 210-371-8615 to learn more about our exciting products and services. We are flexible and try to exceed your expectations to the best of our abilities.

Bathroom remodel is a great value and will serve you and your family for years to come. 

Is your bathroom lacking the functionality and design elements? Alphex Painting will not only get it upgraded but will renew your bathroom, which adds immense value to your home.