Choosing The Best Wall Texture For Your Bedroom

Choosing The Best Wall Texture For Your Bedroom 

On average, a person spends nearly one-third of their entire life sleeping or attempting to do so.1 Therefore, it’s important to optimize the room where this activity takes place to ensure you get a restful and comfortable sleep. 

This is where wall texture comes in. Wall textures can instantly transform the atmosphere of your bedroom, creating a peaceful and comfortable sleeping environment. However, with so many textures to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is perfect for your bedroom. 

Good news, though – we’re here to help! 

This article will discuss 7 of the best wall textures that are perfect for bedrooms to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right one for your needs. 

Let’s dive in! 

  1. Popcorn

This texture is a combination of drywall mud and polystyrene, and is known for its small, raised bumps, which resemble popcorn kernels (hence its name). Its bumpy surface helps absorb sound waves and reduces noise reverberation, making this texture perfect for people who live in noisy areas. It also provides additional insulation, making it a perfect choice for people living in regions faced with extreme temperatures. 

  1. Orange Peel 

As the name suggests, this texture resembles the skin of an orange. It consists of small, dimpled circles that are created by spraying a thin layer of drywall mud and then using a roller to create a slightly textured finish. The bumps on this texture provide soundproofing benefits, while also creating an interesting visual design. It’s a go-to choice for people looking for something more subtle than popcorn texture.

  1. Knockdown 

This wall texture is a variation of the orange peel. It’s created by “knocking down” or flattening the orange peel peaks with a drywall knife to create a peculiar, rustic pattern, similar to stucco. It’s a great option if you want to add visual texture to your bedroom walls without an overly bumpy feel. 

  1. Comb 

A popular texture created with the help of a special trowel that has small ridges. The tool is dragged across wet drywall mud to create a pattern that resembles a comb (hence its name). The finely-ridged pattern helps mask any imperfections in the wall surface and adds a unique visual texture to your bedroom walls. Plus, the ridges provide increased sound absorption, making your bedroom more cozier.

  1. Sand Swirl

A special texture made of perlite – a mixture of sand and primer. To achieve this texture, a thick bristle brush is used to swirl or dab the mixture onto the wall, creating a unique effect that resembles flowing sand. It’s perfect for those who want an artful, unique wall texture in their bedroom. 

  1. Slap Brush 

Perfect for beginners, this texture is created by “slapping” a stomp brush of drywall mud onto the wet mud (a mixture of drywall compound with water) already applied on the wall. The end result is a bumpy surface with no specific pattern, giving it a rustic, “old-world charm” feel that’s perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. 

  1. Slap Brush Knockdown 

As the name suggests, this texture is a combination of the slap brush and knockdown technique. Once the slap brush texture has been created, a drywall knife is used to “knock down” the raised bumps, creating a flatter, more uniform effect that’s perfect for those who want both a smooth and bumpy texture in their bedrooms. 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to wall textures, there are a plethora of options available for your bedroom. And while it can be overwhelming to choose the right texture at first, this guide gives you a better idea of which texture will work best in your bedroom. 

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